video camera conference


The team at ALBS are internationally known for producing seamless quality livestreams across multiple platforms and hosts. We can provide high quality recordings up to 4K of singular showcases or whole events. Our streaming service can be provided and hosted on various platforms, anything from Youtube Live to a custom private IP hosted server.

Our team can provide singular show camera productions or multiple camera productions depending on your event. Our cameras are high in quality to produce the best viewing experience.


Our systems include live results and information storage in real time, with data distribution to all clients including Television Broadcasters, Tournament Office, Media Center's, Display Systems, Closed Circuit Television and Internet. We can also provide both hard and soft copy data distribution for the entire tournament or venue.

The team at ALBS is highly skilled and worked in a range of events across the world. Our VizRT Graphic systems are able to generate 2D and 3D content in real-time, lifting statistics and information from our custom software suite and databases.


Our integrated systems are tailored to our client needs and can be easily expanded in functionality to grow with our clients. ALBS software and services are internationally recognized for their high standard of quality and attention to detail. We ensure our systems serve as an invaluable management and operations tool – helping our clients to add value and save both time and money while providing levels of control and visibility not before possible.

With over 20 years of experience under our belt we can guarantee that the accuracy and quality of our services will be perfect for your next event.